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Adaptive Nutrition

Most of us have had to reboot our desktop computers before. Doing so is useful because it clears away the random, unimportant, and temporary data that bogs down the device and keeps it from functioning at its best. The same kind of process is important for our bodies!

I take my clients through a progressive, calculated process which reboots the endocrine system – allowing the inherent genius of the body’s appetite to reset! The result? They start craving what their bodies really need for optimal physiology, and simultaneously crave less of what is harmful. That’s true nutrition . . . results that last, at the cellular level.

LIVE Virtual Training

Live virtual training with me takes place using a 2-way video connection, allowing me to train you personally as if we were in the gym together – but in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose to train from).

Many clients take me to the gym with them by way of their smart phone! We can train from anywhere – even if you’re traveling. Our sessions will be tailored to fit the available space and equipment you have on-hand.

During your virtual training, I’ll show you proper form for each movement, correct your form in the moment as needed, give you guidance with weights, and provide instruction for reps / sets.

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IN-Person Personal Training

Whether you are interested in weight loss, toning up, building muscle, or just simply feeling better, I can handle your needs! I train my clients in a balanced way that emphasizes dynamic full range compound movements, weights and reps vary for each individual to obtain their desired results. This typically means broader muscle stimulation, higher caloric expenditure, and enhanced sport specific skills. As an added side affect, our training yields a sleek, streamlined yet strong and curvy appearance. Skinny is out the door! That means you men too!

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