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Supports healthy lipid metabolism and cardiometabolic health‡ A unique blend of phytosterols, enhanced bioavailable berberine phytosome and clinically studied bergamot extractProvides enhanced-absorption berberine Soy-free formulaMade with high-quality vegetarian ingredients backed by verifiable science

CholestePure Plus‡ 120's

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    Phytosterols are structural homologs of cholesterol that occur naturally in many plant foods. Over 30 years of research and 40 clinical trials suggest that phytosterols provide significant support for healthy lipid profiles.1 CholestePure Plus provides a unique blend of phytosterols, berberine and clinically studied bergamot extract to promote healthy lipid metabolism and overall cardiometabolic health. Well-established benefits of phytosterols on lipid balance stem primarily from competition with cholesterol for occupancy in micelles, particles that carry cholesterol across the intestinal epithelium into the systemic circulation. Through this mechanism, phytosterols promote excretion of cholesterol in the form of bile acids.2 Research indicates that the pine-derived phytosterols offered in this formula are comparable to phytosterols from other sources. Bergamot is a citrus fruit containing two newly discovered derivatives of the flavonoids, hesperidin and naringenin. These compounds are naturally conjugated to a moiety known as hydroxymethylglutarate (HMG). In the liver, this unique molecule binds and modulates an enzyme known as HMG CoA reductase, which plays a central role in lipid biosynthesis.3 These unique compounds also target enzymes, transcription factors and genes involved in lipid metabolism.‡

    In a study involving 192 volunteers, bergamot juice maintained healthy cholesterol and lipid levels in the normal range over a 30-day period.4 In a separate study of 80 subjects, 150 mg of flavonoids from Bergavit® 40 bergamot extract supported healthy lipid and glucose profiles over a 6-month period.5Berberine is an alkaloid that mediates the activation of AMP kinase (AMPK), a central regulator of cellular energy homeostasis. This master metabolic switch is involved with maintaining healthy cardiovascular function, and helps maintain lipid levels already within the normal range.6 A human pharmacokinetic study demonstrated that Berbervis® berberine phytosome is 4 times more bioavailable than a standard berberine formulation.7 ‡

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    120 capsules
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