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Highly absorbable zinc; essential to a wide range of physiological functions, including immune health‡

Zinc 30 - 60's

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    Zinc plays an important role in supporting the body's natural defense system, as well as nutrient utilization. It is a constituent of over two dozen enzymes involved in digestion and metabolism, including carbonic anhydrase, which is vital to tissue respiration. Zinc is essential for the healthy storage and metabolism of carbohydrates, as well as the absorption and function of B vitamins. Zinc plays a fundamental role in collagen formation and healthy tissue development. This mineral contributes to healthy prostatic function, and is essential for normal fetal and reproductive development.
  • Size

    60 capsules
  • Ingredients

    Zinc 30 Supplemental Facts Amount Per Serving each vegetarian capsule contains: zinc (as zinc picolinate) 30 mg other ingredients: hypoallergenic plant fiber (cellulose), vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water), ascorbyl palmitate 1 capsule daily, with a meal.
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