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About Thefitbodyrx


"Because I believe that we are put on this earth for something greater than ourselves, I seek to empower people through a healthy lifestyle and position them in such a way so they possess a new platform to influence others and serve the world by living their best life forward."

Adaptive Nutrition.

Most of us have had to reboot our desktop computers before. Doing so is useful because it clears away the random, unimportant, and temporary data that bogs down the device and keeps it from functioning at its best. The same kind of process is important for our bodies!

I take my clients through a progressive, calculated process which reboots the endocrine system – allowing the inherent genius of the body’s appetite to reset! The result? They start craving what their bodies really need for optimal physiology, and simultaneously crave less of what is harmful. That’s true nutrition . . . results that last, at the cellular level.


RESET your life. Begin TODAY!


"The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step." Before getting into the technical side of training and diet, new beginnings can not exist unless we first decide that we are capable of excellence and consequently DESERVE more from life! In our journey as coaches, that collectively spans over 20 years, we have seen countless people begin our program and achieve much more than they ever expected. If we could bottle up that one individual factor that has made each successful we would be incredibly wealthy. Unfortunately, that factor cannot be sold...BUT, it can be taught! The "first step" is deciding that YOU were made for more and moving on the conviction that The Fitbody Rx can help you find the factor that will reset your life.




We take these lifestyle changes in small strides and on an individual level. That being said, the ingredients to our work are the same for everyone. The changes from person to person deal more with the timing of when we turn up the heat and how much of each ingredient we feel we need to make the individual recipe just right! 








TheFITBODYrx RECIPE defined...



Health- We can not expect a diseased body to respond  to training or diet the way a healthy body responds. As a base, I seek to bring all clients to a baseline of optimal health to form a foundation to build on. This is why we ask all new clients to fill out a Symptom Survey Questionnaire which gives us a good idea of systemic challenges that need to be addressed.



Performance- While we do appreciate the outward attributes that might have attracted you toward us, our training goes much deeper than achieving a certain look. We believe that our corporal structure will inevitably reflect corporal function. So with that belief in mind, I train clients in a balanced way that emphasizes dynamic full range compound movements. This means broader muscle stimulation, higher caloric expenditure, and enhanced sport specific skills. As an added side affect, are training yields a sleek, streamlined yet strong and curvy appearance.



Nutrition- It is said with some debate that only 30% of your success is determined by what you do in the gym. 70% of it is what you do out of the gym. This supports the notion that a transformation can only come when there are deliberate lifestyle changes. The changes most people struggle with involve their eating habits. As your coach, the goal is far more than convincing you to follow a meal plan. The ultimate goal is teaching you how to eat. I view nutrition as the factor that fuels our workouts and heals our bodies.



Sports Psychology- This is a broad ingredient that involves the affect that psychological factors have on performance and competition and vice a versa. What is often underestimated is that success is dictated by making the right choices over and over again. The right choices happen instinctly and are based on a person's belief and value systems. This approach is to instill a new set of values that will in turn dictate better decisions which ultimately lead to success. Coaching the psyche is an integral part of this process. Whether you think you can achieve or you think you will fail, you will always be right!



Raw Motivation- Often, the most recognized trainers are those that can influence their trainees the most, regardless of their working knowledge of exercise physiology or nutrition. I believe that it's of no useful consequence to talk over someone's head if you can't move them to action. As a follow up to the psychological factors that affect performance and program compliance, motivation is the emotional side that makes this a human endeavor. Yes, we understand the Nike slogan, "Just do it." but sustaining the human resolve requires a source of consistent and unwavering spirit. Spirited leadership is based on the example I set for our clients. Raw motivation is hearing a leader say, "Follow me and do as I do."

With the The Fitbody Rx, you can finally stop obsessing about finding that magic bullet or pill to achieve you life long goal and be free to live the rest of your life as you were meant to.



It's about improved psyche, performance, health, and look so you can think better, move better, feel better and look AWESOME!!!!! 



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