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Jamie Barbour

Jamie Barbour

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This 60 day challenge will always be special to me. I decided to take on this challenge really only for one reason. That was for my 24 year old daughter. My daughter Madison left home when she was almost 20 and moved away to Minnesota. She was very lost for four years and headed down some dark paths and really went off track with her life. I missed her terribly and there was always an emptiness in me of a mother’s broken heart. I prayed daily that God would watch over her and protect her.


In May of this year she came back to Ohio and moved in with me for a fresh start. I had no idea how this would change not only her life for the better but also have a profound healing for myself. The one thing that I have always had is discipline, perseverance and consistency in my life when it came to sports, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. My goal was to lead by example and show her these three things. We began our journey pretty quick when she arrived with regular workouts 6 days a week and then we decided the 60 day challenge would really help us focus. It has been so incredible watching her body change as well as mine. We have been through some ups and downs but we muscled through together one day at a time. We encouraged each other, laughed, whined, got frustrated at times with each other but mostly held each other accountable throughout the challenge. We used all the Lifetime supplements, gut fix, digestive enzymes, beef collagen protein, BCAA, and a probiotic. We followed a strict meal plan which was challenging but brought us closer as we cooked together. We trained with Brittany Walker who’s patience, guidance and expertise was bar none the best fitness experience we have both ever had. She believed in us and never took her foot off the petal pushing us. We had incredible energy with the group training. This made it so much fun to go through this with others supporting each another. The funniest people ever. My daughter even taught me how to swim. It was challenging but I got better each time we did it. I dealt with a glute injury about mid way through, but I continued to push myself while doing therapy. That was probably the hardest part to not give up but I would not back down for her. 



 I tend to move very quickly as some may know during workouts and my personal life translates the same. Maddy and I operate at two different speeds, so I had to let go and allow her to be her so she would feel good about herself. My job was to work hard and be consistent. This was a change I needed to make within me, letting go and allowing her to grow. 


The biggest change in myself I saw was incredible energy, and a sculpted physique. I am 57 years old and have four kids so I feel so proud of how far I came in this challenge and now have a happy full heart to go with my fitness level.

I am so very thankful for this challenge. What we teach we learn and this was such a great life example of this concept. Very life changing for us both. Our journey continues.