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Supports lean muscle mass and exercise recovery‡

BCAA Powder

  • Allergy

  • Long Description

    • Provides the only amino acids to be delivered directly to skeletal muscle for direct protein synthesis and repair • Has a sparing effect on muscle glycogen and muscle protein during prolonged bouts of exercise; decreases lactate production • Moderates the progression of central nervous system fatigue during exertion, supporting mental performance
  • Size

    227 grams
  • Ingredients

    BCAA powder Supplemental Facts Amount Per Serving one rounded scoop (approximately 3.3 g) contains: branched chain amino acids (free-form) 3,000 mg providing: l-leucine 1,500 mg l-isoleucine 750 mg l-valine 750 mg serving size: 3.3 g servings per container: 68 1 scoop daily, mixed with 10 oz of water or juice.
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