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Provides concentrated support for proper urinary function with D-Mannose, the active urinary tract support ingredient of cranberries‡

d-Mannose Powder 50 g.

  • Allergy

  • Long Description

    D-Mannose is a simple sugar found naturally in cranberries and pineapples. It is metabolized in small amounts, the remainder of which is excreted via the urine. As it is flushed out of the body, D-mannose maintains a healthy environment for the mucosal surface of the urinary tract.
  • Size

    50 grams
  • Ingredients

    D-Mannose powder Supplemental Facts Amount Per Serving one scoop (approximately 0.9 g) contains: d-mannose 0.9 g serving size: 1 scoop 1 scoop, 3 times daily, mixed with water, with or between meals.
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